How Big Are Mongolian Yurts? (Square Meters / Feet)

Mongolian yurts, also known as gers, come in various sizes to accommodate different needs and preferences. The size of a yurt is typically described by its diameter, measuring from one side of the circular structure to the other. Here are some common sizes for Mongolian yurts:

Generally, Mongolian yurts tend to be 19 square meters to 35 square meters. 202 square feet to 370 square feet.

  • 4-Wall Yurt: This yurt has a diameter of 4.9 meters, which is approximately 16 feet.
  • 5-Wall Yurt: The 5-wall yurt is larger, with a diameter of 5.8 meters, equivalent to about 19 feet.
  • 6-Wall Yurt: The 6-wall yurt is even more spacious, featuring a diameter of 6.7 meters, approximately 22 feet.

These dimensions provide a general idea of the size options available, and the choice depends on factors such as the number of occupants, intended use, and personal preferences.

What Size Should I Get?

Choosing the right size of a Mongolian yurt, or ger, involves considering the intended use and the number of occupants. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • 4-Wall Yurt (4.9m / 16 ft Diameter):
    • Ideal for 1-2 people or a cozy, intimate setting.
    • Offers a sufficient living space for a minimalist lifestyle.
    • Suited for those seeking a compact and budget-friendly option.
    • The surface area is approximately 18.8 square meters / 202.4 square feet.
  • 5-Wall Yurt (5.8m / 19 ft Diameter):
    • Provides a more spacious living environment.
    • Suitable for individuals or couples desiring extra room.
    • Offers a balance between intimacy and comfort.
    • The surface area for a 5.8m diameter yurt is around 26.4 square meters / 284 square feet, offering a notable increase in space compared to the 4-wall option.
  • 6-Wall Yurt (6.7m / 22 ft Diameter):
    • Designed for families or those who prefer a generous living area.
    • Accommodates a larger number of occupants comfortably.
    • Ideal for creating distinct sections within the yurt for various activities.
    • With a 6.7m diameter, the surface area expands to approximately 35.2 square meters / 378.2 square feet, providing ample space for diverse living arrangements.

Consider your lifestyle, preferences, and the level of comfort you seek when choosing the size of your Mongolian yurt. Whether it’s the intimate 4-wall option, the balanced 5-wall choice, or the spacious 6-wall design, each size offers a unique nomadic living experience.

There are smaller or bigger sizes, but those sizes are reserved for large halls, restaurants, or special events. They are not the most suitable for living.

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