What is a Yurt Tent?

yurt tent is like a small, circular cabin and tent in one. It’s built with a wooden frame covered by fabric. Yurts feel snug and offer a different kind of camping. They set up quickly, anywhere from one to three hours. Plus, they’re kind to the environment because they use natural stuff.

Yurts come in many types, from simple to fancy. Fancy ones might have beds, kitchens, and even bathrooms. They’re great for camping and can fit up to 4-5 people. Yurts keep it warm in cold weather and block the wind.

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The History of Yurts

Yurts have a long history that started in Central Asia. Specifically, they came from Mongolia thousands of years ago. Nomadic tribes first used them as mobile houses for their travels. Yurts have been a key piece of Central Asia’s nomadic life since ancient times.

Nomadic peoples needed homes that were strong yet easy to move. Yurts fit these needs perfectly. They could be assembled quickly and taken apart without trouble.

Today, yurts are still seen in Central Asian regions. They’re used as more than homes; they’re found in places like cafes and cultural spots. This shows that yurts are still relevant and loved because of their unique design.

What is a Yurt Tent?

Yurt Tents are lighter, portable, and easy to carry version of yurts. While typical 4-season yurts are on average 400-500 kilograms, yurt tents are slightly smaller and use different type of wood.

Usually it can fit in a car, and not more than 100 kilograms, so a single person can set it up during camping trips and enjoy a fuller outdoor experience compared to full sized yurts, because you will need a trailer to transport an ordinary yurt.

Yurt vs Yurt Tent Difference

Yurt tents and traditional yurts differ in several ways. Yurt tents are easy to move and set up quickly. They use a central pole and guy lines to stay up. This design, along with being made of lightweight canvas, means they’re perfect for camping.

Companies like Life inTents sell yurt tents of different sizes. They are great for both solo and group camping. Their portability is a big plus for campers who change locations often.

On the other hand, traditional yurts from places like Yurts of America are more permanent and spacious. They have a wooden frame and fabric cover for durability. These yurts are large enough to be homes or workspaces, like studios or cafes.

Yurt TentsTraditional Yurts
Highly portableSturdy and semi-permanent
Quick assembly and disassemblyLong-lasting structure
Central pole and guy lines for supportLattice wood framework
Lightweight canvas materialDurable fabric covering / felt
3-5 Walls / 16-21 feet in diameterSpacious and customizable
Convenient for camping adventuresSuitable for long-term living

Choosing between a yurt tent and a traditional yurt depends on your needs. Yurt tents are great for moving around and exploring nature. Traditional yurts are better if you want a more fixed living space.

Yurt tents’ key benefit is how easy they are to move. They’re light and set up fast, making them ideal for travel. Yurt tents also use design features to stay strong in different weathers. This means they’re reliable for various outdoor trips.

Where to Buy and Where to Try Yurts

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