How to Build a Mongolian Yurt?

Keep in mind that yurt construction requires a team, and more hands for faster build.


  1. Platform Setup:
    • Build a wooden platform, preferably raised off the ground.
    • Use plywood or other suitable materials. A local carpenter or handyman can assist, or follow provided instructions.

Stage 1: Fitting the Door & Trellis:

  • Attach the trellis to the door and each other.
  • Start by stretching out the trellis just above the door height.
  • Diagonally cut pieces of wood help fit the trellis into the door smoothly.
  • Proceed to link additional trellis sections, ensuring proper alignment.

Stage 2: Wall Connection & Tying:

  • Use a simple rope tying method.
  • Begin with an overhand knot at the top and continue snaking down.
  • Maintain two points of contact between the trellis sections.
  • Tie off the tension rope, ensuring a tight fit around the yurt.

Stage 3: Attaching Support Posts to the Crown:

  • Tie support posts to the crown using overhand or fisherman’s knots.
  • Place support posts strategically, avoiding painted or carved areas.
  • Ensure equal distances from the door to the back and sides.

Stage 4: Inserting Roof Poles:

  • Insert roof poles into the crown following the numbered order.
  • Secure poles with horsehair ropes and ensure an equal distribution around the yurt.
  • Adjust tension bands to prevent the crown from lifting.

Stage 5: Applying Felt and Waterproof Canvas Cover:

  • Apply wool felt sections starting from one side of the door.
  • Overlap felt sections and secure them using rocks or weights.
  • Place a drip edge to prevent water accumulation.
  • Cover the yurt with a waterproof canvas, ensuring proper overlap and sealing.

Stage 6: Securing Lapels & Straps:

  • Attach lapels to secure the waterproof cover to the yurt.
  • Use straps with overhand knots and a trucker’s hitch for secure fastening.
  • Tie down the yurt at multiple points to ensure stability.

Final Steps: Tensioning, Checking:

  • Use tension straps to keep the yurt secure.
  • Adjust as needed and ensure even pressure.
  • Check for any shifts and make necessary adjustments.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully built a Mongolian yurt. This traditional structure combines functionality with a touch of Cornish craftsmanship. Enjoy your cozy yurt experience!

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