About Us

Learn more about Silk Road Yurts, our team, our values, and our mission. We hope to provide you with the most authentic yurts.

Silk road yurts
Bringing the most authentic yurts from Central Asia

The Most Authentic Yurts You’ll See

At Silk Road Yurts, we don’t just sell generic yurts, we bring you the rich culture and heritage from Central Asian nomadic cultures that have existed for thousands of years. From Mongolian, Kazakh, to Kyrgyz yurts, find your style.

Silk Road Yurts Mission & Values

Founded in 2016, we are local Mongolians who work and partner with yurt suppliers from all over Central Asia. You are getting the real deal and the most authentic experience when you order from us.

  • sustainable
  • fully authentic
  • modern amenities
our advantage
Authentic but also comes with modern amenities

About Yurts

Learn more about nomadic yurts and everything you need to know
so that you can make a well-informed order.


Mongol, Kazakh Kyrgyz Yurts

What is the difference between Mongolian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Uzbek yurts? Which is one better and what are the prices?


How To Keep a Yurt Warm?

Keeping a yurt warm during the colder season is not as hard as it seems, you just need to know a few tips and tricks to keep it warm and cozy.


What Size Yurt Should You Get?

Whether you have a big plot of land or just need something for your backyard, here is a rough guide for what size yurtyou should get.