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Why silk road yurts

“We offer the most authentic Mongolian Yurt Tent for the best available prices online!!”

No middlemen, get it straight from the source, the heart of Mongolia, made by craftsmen with a lifelong commitment to their craft.

If you want a fast delivery 2-3 weeks, you can pick up your Mongolian tent(s) from our warehouse in Frankfurt, Germany.

All you need to do is come pick it up or have your local logistics company transport it to your specific state/country from our warehouse.

Mongolian Yurt-Tent: ONLY $795

You will get an instruction manual video on how to set up your tent.
Shipping and additional taxes will be calculated later based on your country and address.

  • Diameter: 4.2 meters / 14 feet â€“ Large enough to fit beds, furniture, tables, etc. Height is 2.1 meters / ~ 7 feet.
  • Portable: 90 kilograms / 200 lbs â€“ Comes in 2 bags that can be loaded into the back of a car trunk.
  • Cozy and comfortable: The traditional design and interior add a touch of culture to your camping experience.
  • Fast Set-Up: Comes with manual and instructions. You can set it up or pack it within 10-30 minutes.

Yurt Tent Details

Our yurt tents are handcrafted by Mongolian artisans with a lifetime of experience making traditional Mongolian yurts, from knowledge passed down through thousands of years.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

A strong person could move it around easily, but two average-sized people won’t have any problems moving it. It fits in the back of a car trunk easily.

It takes 1-2 weeks for the shipment to arrive in Frankfurt, Germany. You can either pick it up yourself from our warehouse or schedule your local logistics company to pick it up and transport it to you.

The Mongolian yurt tent is made out of lighter materials (weighs 4 times less), is more compact (fits inside a regular car), and doesn’t have the same insulating properties as a regular yurt tent.

Fill out our order form down below and one of our sales agents will reach out to you via WhatsApp or other online methods. Once the payment is made you will receive a tracking code and updates for when your container arrives in Frankfurt.


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