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Authentic yurts from Central Asia

Welcome to Silk Road Yurts, where we bring you the most authentic yurts from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Inner Mongolia.

Why silk road yurts

“ Not only are the yurts very reasonably priced, but it’s fully authentic! ”

Founded in 2016, we’ve been exporting yurts all over the world. If you own a resort, or want to buy our yurts in bulk, we offer discounted prices.

Please contact us for order inquiries, shipping estimates, and other details related to our yurts and products.

Since 2016, I have shared my Mongolian and Central Asian culture / traditions with the world. We make your yurt shopping experience easy. Simply send an inquiry, and we’ll ship your dream yurt and help you build it.

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Our Authentic Yurts

We work with yurt masters from each region. Get the full
nomadic experience when you order from us.


Find your perfect yurt, from Mongolian to Kazakh and Kyrgyz yurts or MODERN yurts with full amenities, we’ve got everything you might want.

Glamping Tents

If you are going camping, then here are recommended yurt tents and glamping tents that are light-weight and portable, dedicated for camping trips.


Get the full nomadic and traditional Central Asian experience with our accessories and furniture to go along with your yurts.

About Silk Road
Yurts & Team

We are a team dedicated to bringing you the most authentic
and traditional nomadic experience.

Authenticity is our motto & principle

Since we work with suppliers and yurt masters throughout Central Asia, we are fully certain you’ll get an authentic product with a rich history and culture. These are not just yurts, but a symbol of our nomadic heritage passed down through thousands of years and generations.

since 2016
Bringing Mongolia and Central Asia to the world!
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